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Interest in doing the cabbage test to know if its a boy or a girl? You will find the information you need about this popular, non scientific test right here.

Whether a baby will turn out to be a boy or a girl will depend mainly on whether the sperm cell of the father that fertilized the mothers egg had a dominant female X or a dominant male Y chromosome. Usually expectant mothers need to wait until the second trimester before they can have a baby gender DNA test to find out the gender of their baby. However many want to find out early and there is an old-wives-tale test which involves mixing some urine with boiling red cabbage.

The cabbage gender test is a method which has been used by many generations. In a pot, pregnant mothers will need to mix half a head of chopped red cabbage with around 450ml of boiling water. After around 11 minutes at a simmer the cabbage water will turn a deep purple color and be ready to carry out its rudimentary test of a mother’s urinary pH.

Expectant mothers will then need to strain the liquid of all the cabbage and then a mixture will need to be prepared which will consist of equal parts urine and cabbage water. Research has found that many mothers use a morning sample and mix this with the cabbage water as this is when the concentration will be at its highest.

If the cabbage water turns red then a boy is on the way and if the cabbage water turns pink then this means you will have a girl. However it is important to point out that other wives tales think that the color coding will actually be the other way around and that purple means a boy and faded means a girl.

The science behind the cabbage test

Medical experts have shied away from stating their opinions with regard to the cabbage gender test. Many doctors have stated that there is a big difference in pH levels across all women, particularly when they are pregnant which is a factor that can either fade or leave cabbage water purple. Therefore an ultrasound appears to be the preferred way of determining the gender of a baby. The cabbage test is in no way scientific and if the results are correct it is purely by chance.

There are also a variety of other websites which help mothers to determine the gender of their baby. It is thought that the mothers of girls and the mothers of boys experience pregnancy in different ways. These websites refer to characteristics such as whether their legs have got hairier or if they are craving meats, sweets, fruits or savouries.

Baby gender prediction through DNA testing

The sex of the baby can be determine with an accuracy as high as 99% by means of a DNA Baby gender test carried out in a laboratory through a process known as Polymerase chain reaction. Samples can be collected at home and submitted to the laboratory for testing. The aim is to analyse foetal DNA in the maternal urine. This highly scientific technique is carried out by a DNA scientists will be able to detect male or female DNA, or rather, Y chromosome specific markers or X chromosome specific markers. You will be able to obtain an accurate result that determines the baby’s gender early in pregnancy. (A Y chromosome markers (Maltese Gene) would indicate that you are expecting a boy, while the absence of it would indicate that you are expecting a girl)


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