ISO 17025 and DNA tests

ISO is an accreditation body recognized worldwide. There are many different ISO accreditations so do not be misled; the ISO accreditation for a DNA testing laboratory is ISO 17025. This accreditation is used by calibrating laboratories and is the globally recognized. ISO 17025 stipulates certain requirements and the laboratory must consistently adhere to these requirements in order to keep its ISO 17025 accreditation. ISO 17025 ensures quality management in the following:


  • Quality operations
  • Administrative operations
  • Technical operations

ISO 17025 takes a globalised approach to awarding its accreditation. All aspects of the testing process including the technical expertise and capabilities of the staff carrying out the analyses are taken into consideration.

EasyDNA tests are all performed by a fully accredited laboratory. For more information about the laboratory visit the Our Laboratory section.

Accuracy and results

We offer many different DNA tests and not all tests have the same DNA test results. The results of a paternity test will be very different to the results of an X chromosome test. Our paternity test is carried out using a 21 genetic marker basis. 20 of these genetic markers are used as a basis of comparison between the DNA profile of the alleged father and the child. The 21st marker is simple a control measure we use in our analyses. This marker is what we scientists refer to as the amelogenin sex gene. We can, by testing this gene, know if the DNA sample belongs to a male or a female. We test this marker in many of our tests and it is very important in DNA paternity testing as we need to make sure that clients have not in any way exchanged or labeled swabs wrongly.

DNA testing has been used for decades as the ultimate means of scientifically confirming the paternity of a child. EasyDNA has in fact carried out countless paternity tests that have been used for legal means such as child custody.

Our results will show a probability of paternity; this probability can be either 99.99% if the alleged tested male is the birth father of the child or it can be 0% if the tested man is not the biological father, this probability will be 0%.

Our results

Your results are simple and easy to follow.

Our DNA test results are extremely accurate. An identical match between all 20 genetic markers on the profile of the father and of the child proves that he is the biological father. There are rare exceptions in which genetic mutations can mean that one can have a mismatching genetic marker with a total of 19 matching markers. We will need to carry out additional testing in such cases although even with 19 matching genetic markers we can still have a probability of paternity higher as 99.9%. Why not take a look at our sample DNA test results?

We at EasyDNA place a very strong emphasis on offering accurate and accredited DNA testing services. Over the years we have built a sound reputation for quality testing and we strive to maintain the highest levels in the industry. For more general information about our accredited DNA testing please visit our frequently asked questions section or contact us directly.


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