What is included in the Know Yourself DNA Package?

This comprehensive Know Yourself DNA Test package analyses your genes and provides you with valuable information about yourself whether it is related to your health, personality traits, wellness or health. The following areas are covered by this test:

     Genetic predisposition to diseases

Discover your genetic predisposition to develop more than 100 diseases.

Want to know what genetic diseases you are predisposed to? Through this report you will receive your risk profile to over 100 diseases from oncology to ophthalmology, gynaecology, etc. compared to your peers.  With this information you can take actionable steps to help prevent or avoid the onset of these diseases in future.

     Pharmacological compatibility

Why do some medications you take not work as well as expected?

Different people invariably process drugs in different ways and therefore the pharmacogenetics test provides important information on how your body will react to a diverse range of drugs. This provides important information to allow your doctor to prescribe the best drug and adequate dosage for a particular illness you may have. Added benefits include faster recovery, reduced risk of an adverse reaction and reducing the risk of secondary effects.

     Inherited monogenic diseases

Are you a carrier of a monogenic disease? What implications does it have on your health?

Understanding if you are a carrier of a monogenetic disease can provide very important information for yourself, your partner, and your current or future children. Monogenetic diseases are inherited disorders which happen because of a mutation in the DNA of a single gene. The implication of the results can be important for your health and that of your family as well as for family planning purposes.

     Personal traits

Do you have a genetic predisposition to gamble or to make mistakes?

Find out what genetic traits combine to make you unique. What is your alcohol tolerance level? Are you predisposed to baldness or a tendency to gain unhealthy weight? Find out things you know or even better did not know about yourself!


Are you predisposed to obesity? How would your response to exercise or diet be? Find out interesting details about yourself.

How do you respond to physical exercise? Are you able to detoxify and eliminate harmful substances? Do you have a tendency for obesity that is genetic? What about HDL or LDL cholesterol and relationship to glucose levels? All this information can be obtained from our test and can help develop a plan for a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your children.


Do you want to know your ancestry? Discover who your ancestors are through your genetic makeup.

In recent years, thanks to our ability to look within our genetic material we have been able to know that the origin of the modern human being relays in the African continent, 200,000 years ago, to unravel the footprints of the fabulous journey that our species undertook out of Africa that led us to populate all the continents, and, finally, to reconstruct more recent demographic events, which extend up the present days.

Collecting your DNA sample

Collecting the required sample cannot get any simpler! We will provide you with a DNA kit including everything you need to collect a sample of saliva in our specific samples collection tube. Once you have collected the saliva by following the detailed instructions provided you can then send it back to us for laboratory testing.

Click here for the  instructions sample.

Results and Turnaround Time

Results for this Know Yourself package are straightforward and simple enough to understand whilst detailed enough for you to share them with your healthcare professional.

Once the analysis is ready you will login to your online account and will be able to view the different categories analysed. You will also be given in advance the opportunity to block any results that you may not want to see.

Your DNA health reports will be available within approximately 4 to 6 weeks from receipt of samples at the laboratory.

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