Samples we can analyse

Infidelity testing is based upon the analysis of DNA samples; often clients find suspicious stains or a range of items they believe to have been left behind following an act of cheating. At easyDNA, we are able to test a vast range of DNA samples which we call “forensic samples”.

We have a whole section which gives ample information about many of the most common samples tested including hairs and fingernail clippings. A breeze through our forensic DNA testing section will help you understand more.

An important factor is the way in which a sample has been stored, whether the item has been contaminated (has the item been washed?) and how old the sample is. Different samples offer higher chances of success and we will, of course, be able to give you solid guidelines; We cannot nevertheless, give you a 100% guarantee. Keep in mind that the sample might not even contain any DNA.

The type of samples submitted for DNA infidelity testing varies; however, the most common samples include hair, underwear, bedsheets, tissues and condoms. Once the DNA samples are at our laboratory, you will receive your comprehensive DNA analysis report in 10 to 15 working days.

What does an infidelity DNA test show?

  • Is it human genetic material? Whilst you might think the stain you found to contain human DNA, this may be scientifically incorrect. With a DNA test, we can confirm whether the genetic material is human or not and whether the sample you sent in actually contains any DNA at all.
  • Is it male or female DNA? This aspect of the analysis will help you discover whether the sample you sent in contains DNA belonging to a man or to a woman. It is not unusual for us to find mixed DNA profiles during this stage of the test. Establishing the sex of the DNA in the stain is easily done by confirming or excluding the presence of YX chromosomes and XX chromosomes.
  • Identification of donor: Once we have confirmed the presence of DNA, you can opt for further testing. In this case, we can compare the DNA in the sample with another sample you send in. By comparing these two samples, we can determine whether they came from the same person or different people. A match in DNA profiles would clearly indicate the same person is the donor of the two samples tested.

International Order

Please note that if you are ordering from a country outside South Africa you are still liable under the local laws of your country as the person ordering the test and submitting the samples. In addition, your order will be forwarded to the appropriate team handling cases in your location. We, therefore, recommend you are aware of your local laws prior to placing an order. In addition, we are currently not offering this test to clients based in the UK.

Semen Detection Test

A semen detection test is a quick and simple test that will enable you to confirm the presence of semen. If you do not require a full DNA test but just want to know if a strain contains semen or not, check out our semen detection test.

Do you seek to confirm or remove suspicions of Drug use?

If so, we can help! EasyDNA only requires a hair sample to help you clear your doubts. Hair analysis can accurately detect drugs used up to 90 days prior to the test and results are available in only 3 working days. Opt for Hair Drug testing today!


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