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Did you know that your dog could be sensitive to certain foods or other environmental elements? This sensitivity or intolerance can cause symptoms such as digestive or skin problems. The Dog Intolerance Test checks 152 foods and 48 artificial allergens to determine which of them are the cause of these symptoms.


Why is the Dog Intolerance Test Important?

Intolerance is a non-immunological adverse reaction to certain items present in the environment or in food. Sometimes this reaction presents with obvious symptoms such as digestive issues, vomiting, diarrhoea or visible skin problems. But in other cases, the symptoms are not obvious, and your dog may experience discomfort or mood swings without any apparent cause.

It is important to detect promptly the cause that is affecting your dog’s well-being before it leads to more serious health problems.

The Dog Intolerance Test will help you identify the items that your dog should avoid. In the case of intolerances, by avoiding the possible cause for a certain period of time, the symptoms will disappear, and you will be able to evaluate the results of gradually bringing those elements back into your dog’s life. If the symptoms reappear, it could indicate an allergy, as allergies tend to be lifelong.


Collecting DNA Samples

DNA samples for the Dog Intolerance Test are obtained from the dog’s fur. You must use the sample collection kit that we will send you once you place the order, this kit contains the necessary material and instructions. It is sufficient to collect 4 or 5 loose strands of fur when brushing. If your dog does not shed, you should carefully collect the hairs.

Please follow the instructions provided in the kit for storing, labelling and shipping the fur sample. You will also be provided with a small green collection tube, which you can use to send a sample of anything you think your pet is sensitive to, as some allergens can be found in your home or general environment and can affect your pet’s health. This could be a sample of pollen or dust, food, treats, shampoo or any substance in your environment.

Do not send the fur sample in any metallic packaging such as metal foil and place the fur samples in a secure envelope or postage wallet before sending it to the address provided.


Dog Intolerance Test Results

Once the samples are received in the laboratory, 152 food items and 48 non-food items will be analysed, and the results will be sent by email within 5 working days.

The results consist of a report with the elements that produced 85% or more intolerance, if the value is lower, the element is not included in the report.

In addition to indicating the possible causes of the intolerance, the report provides guidance on how to proceed with the complete removal of these elements from the dog’s diet and environment for a period of 4 to 6 weeks.

This resting period will allow your dog’s body to recover from the adverse effects and enable you to gradually reintroduce the elements observing how his body reacts.

The Dog Intolerance Test does not assess the effects of specific medications or drugs as it does not utilize a blood sample.

This test is recommended for adult dogs or dogs that are at least 6 months old.

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Special Offers and Discounts

The price of a single Dog Intolerance Test is R1499.

If you plan to purchase multiple tests, you can enjoy a R10 discount per subsequent test. A second or third intolerance test will then only cost R1489 per test.


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