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Collecting Your DNA Samples with a Home Kit

Collecting DNA samples is done using our home sample collection kit. You will receive your DNA test kit with full instructions just a few business days after placing your order.

Please follow these visual examples for collecting your DNA samples. You need to repeat this process for for every person to be tested.

Instructions to Follow

Our DNA test kit contains oral swabs (also called “buccal swabs”). Watch our brief sample collection video to learn how to collect your samples or read the more detailed step by step instructions below.

Step 1

Inside your kit you have swabs, instructions, consent forms and a pre-addressed envelope. Kits are pre-packed and will come with swabs for up to 3 people. Fill out the submission forms as well as the details on the outside of the envelope making sure everything is filled in clearly and correctly.

Step 2

To collect DNA, you need to rub the swabs under the tongue and against your cheek (always inside the mouth). This rubbing motion needs to be done for around 10 seconds. In this type of sample collection, you are collecting the cells that form the lining of your mouth. Although we call them saliva samples we are not actually analysing any saliva; we analyse the cheek cells collected on the swab.

Step 3

Due to the fact the swabs are wet or moistened with saliva, it is important that they are left to dry before re-inserting them into the envelopes provided. You should leave the buccal swabs to dry for around 1 hour. You do not need to check whether they are dry as a 1 hour drying time will suffice (although tempting, do not check with your fingers to confirm whether they are dry or not as this may contaminate the samples)

Step 4

Place the oral swabs for each person back into the envelopes. Ensure not to mix up samples and put them into the wrong envelopes. You can now place the consent forms and the envelopes containing the swabs into the larger envelope you have inside your kit. Affix a stamp and send everything off for analysis.

Note: You can also collect your kit from one of our South Africa offices. We are based in Johannesburg and Cape Town. If you do wish to collect a DNA testing kit in person, you will need to contact us before to make an appointment. 

In a rush? Learn how you can make your own DNA collection kit

If you need to collect samples now because waiting to receive our kit is not a feasible option, then why not create your own sample collection kit? We will explain how to do this in a few easy steps . Learn how to make your own home kit now.

A few pointers

  • Your DNA is not altered by medication, drugs, surgery or organ transplants.
  • Using blood for a DNA test is no more accurate than using saliva. This is because DNA is the same in every cell in our body.
  • Sample collection for a legal test is carried out in exactly the same way as explained above. However, a sampler is needed to collect the samples and ensure the chain of custody is followed.
  • It is recommended not to eat or drink for at least half an hour before samples are collected.

Collecting the samples is easy! What next to obtain my kit?

As you have seen the process is easy. Once you place your order we will send out the kit by courier the same day (or the next depending on time of order).

For more general information about our DNA testing kit or about our paternity testing services visit our frequently asked questions section or click here.


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