What Does Nail Alcohol Testing Consist Of?

Generally, when there is a need to substantiate a claim of alcohol withdrawal or an assessment of chronic alcohol abuse for clinical or forensic purposes, marker measurement is used to identify long-term alcohol consumption.

The Nail Alcohol Testing measures Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG), this marker is a by-product produced by the body when alcohol is ingested.

Nails are made of a fibrous protein called keratin. As the nails grow, substances contained in the body, such as the EtG biomarker, pass from the blood vessels underneath them into the keratin fibres and become trapped in them. This allows a detection period of up to 12 months.

The Nail Alcohol Testing is the fastest, most cost-effective solution when it is not possible to collect a hair sample, either for religious reasons, aesthetic concerns or because the person has no hair, and can be used for clinical or legal purposes.

If you ordered the Nail Alcohol Testing (EtG) to determine a person’s alcohol consumption, we recommend that you also apply other tests such as clinical evaluations and blood alcohol levels for a complete diagnosis.

Sample Collection

Nail Alcohol Testing requires a sample of approximately 10mg of nails.

Either fingernails or toenails can be used, but both types of nails cannot be mixed in the same sample.

If the nail is 5mm or longer, one nail is sufficient, but if the nails are short, more nails will need to be clipped.

Contact us, we will offer you the most cost-effective quote for the Nail Alcohol Testing.

Turn Around Time

The results of the Nail Alcohol Testing will be available in 3-5 working days from receipt of sample.

Legal Alcohol Testing

To provide legally defensible results it is necessary that the sample is taken under chain of custody conditions. This requires an appointment with one of our qualified sample collector or attendance at a sample collection centre (if in the UK or Ireland).

To ensure that the results are as accurate as possible, the laboratory has invested in state-of-the-art equipment and employs the best scientists in the world. However, it is recommended that a blood sample is taken to provide a broader picture of a person’s level of alcohol consumption, as Nail Alcohol Testing only tests EtG levels.

Other Drug Tests Available

EasyDNA offers a range of tests to detect the presence of drugs in the body for clinical or legal purposes, such as Hair Drug Testing, Hair Alcohol Testing and Nail Drug Testing.

Contact our Customer Service Team to clarify your concerns about Nail Alcohol Testing.

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