Choose from the DNA ancestry tests we offer:

GPS Origins™ Ancestry Test

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This ancestry test will link you to the countries, cities or even island from which your ancestors came. Begin your quest to discover your roots. The Most Advanced Ancestry Test Available in our Portfolio

Maternal Lineage Test

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The maternal lineage test will allow you to trace the origins of your ancestors from your mother's side of the family. The results of this test will allow you to identify which areas of the globe your maternal ancestors originated from and their various movements over time.

Paternal Lineage Test

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The paternal lineage test allows you to trace the history of your father's side of the family dating back to thousands of years. The science behind this kind of test is based on the fact that sons will inherit their Y chromosome from their father in a relatively unchanged state. Therefore the genetic profile of the Y chromosome found in the father is likely to be identical to that of his sons.

Our lineage testing services
Sample collection

Our lineage testing services

Amongst our DNA ancestry testing services are our lineage tests. Our maternal and paternal lineage tests are there to help you learn about the origins of your forefathers or foremothers. Using an extensive database we will match your DNA with the DNA of your maternal haplogroups or paternal haplogroups. You can discover where your ancestors came from and follow their journeys across the globe.

Paternal origins testing is done via analysis of the Y chromosome whilst maternal lineage testing is via analysis of an entirely different kind of DNA that we only use for tests that require determining maternal lineage – the mitochondrial DNA. Both MtDNA and the Y chromosome undergo very infrequent mutations but the mutations they do undergo in certain regions are actually markers of descent which you have inherited from your ancient predecessors that roamed the globe thousands and thousands of years ago.

We offer discounted prices on our lineage testing services if you decide to opt for our two-in-one maternal and paternal lineage test. Important to note that people of either sex can have a maternal lineage test but only males can directly carry out a DNA test for paternal lineage. For females wishing to learn about their paternal roots, we simply suggest asking a male relative to take the test on their behalf. Contact us for more information about our DNA ancestry tests.

Sample collection

We offer our home test kit for all our ancestry testing services. In just a few minutes you can collect the DNA samples using the oral swabs you find inside our kit. Once done, send us the sample and we can begin our analysis. Your results will follow in around 4-5 weeks from the moment of receipt of samples in the DNA testing facility.

In our laboratory, we will extract the DNA from the sample and run a check against the hundreds of anthropological groups in our database. This database contains genetic information about haplogroups. A specific haplogroup will have certain distinct characteristics in their DNA and if you have those same DNA characteristics (technically called DNA polymorphisms) then you belong to that haplogroup- they are your ancestral clan.



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