Our Company: EasyDNA South Africa

EasyDNA has been established in South Africa since 2009 and through our Jo’burg office, we have serviced thousands of satisfied clients with our DNA testing services. We offer a wide range of tests which include paternity and relationship DNA testing, forensic analysis, prenatal paternity testing and gender DNA testing. All our DNA tests are performed by an ISO17025 approved laboratory.

EasyDNA South Africa forms part of the EasyDNA international group, which operates in over 25 locations worldwide. EasyDNA is one of the fastest-growing international DNA testing company offering testing and support in over seven different languages and currencies. The quality of our testing has enabled the company to continue expanding and place itself at the forefront of companies in this field.

Where are we based?

EasyDNA South Africa has its main office in Bryanston, Johannesburg as well as a number of partner clinics and affiliate resellers. Our network of partners helps us reach clients anywhere, in even the most remote parts.

Business philosophy

The business philosophy of EasyDNA is based not only on offering high-quality DNA tests, but a great emphasis is also placed on providing excellent customer service support. At EasyDNA we understand that our clients might be undergoing a very stressful time. With this in mind, it is our goal to support the client through the various stages of the test making the whole experience as stress-free as possible.

Social Networking with EasyDNA South Africa

We are also now part of the social networking world which we have found a great way to engage with our clients. Why not visit our EasyDNA South Africa Facebook Page?

Our testing

Our most popular test is the home paternity test. This test enables an alleged father to confirm if he is or is not the biological father of a child. The result will confirm the paternity with 99.99%+ accuracy in the case of an inclusion and 100% in the case of exclusion. The test is very simple to perform – once you place your order you will be sent a sample collection kit that contains mouth swabs.

If required for legal purposes, all our tests can still be performed but will need to go through a strict chain of custody procedure whereby an independent person is responsible for identifying the parties and collecting the samples. The results can then be used for various legal requirements including immigration and child support claims.

Extending the testing to close family, we also offer a wide range of relationship testing which can be used to confirm biological relationships between siblings, grandparents and aunt/uncles. These tests are useful in some cases the alleged may not be available for testing (e.g. deceased) and alternative methods of testing are required.

We look forward to continuing serving our clients anywhere in South Africa. DNA testing has developed into an important tool to resolve relationship issues – and at EasyDNA we are proud to offer this service in the most professional manner possible!

Contact information

Our customer service staff is always available to answer your questions or discuss your unique case. Please contact us with your preference via email, telephone or Live chat:

Tel: 0-800-999-239

Web: www.easydna.co.za
Email: [email protected]


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