Create Your Own Kit

Creating your own DNA Testing Kit

As a leading international service provider present in over 18 countries worldwide, EasyDNA recognizes that it may not always be possible to receive your kit either due to time constraints or living in a remote location. In such circumstances we are still able to assist you with a DNA test. Your DNA samples can easily be collected from the comfort of your home by simply following the instructions shown on how to create your own DNA testing kit!

Below you will find step-by-step instructions as well as a list of required materials needed to complete your sample collection kit. Please keep in mind that we require written consent in order for us to be able to test your samples. Please ensure you print the Sample Submission Form which should be returned to us along with your samples.


  • Participants should not eat or smoke for one hour prior to samples being collected.
  • In order to collect a proper sample it is important that person has a cleanmouth. Adults and children: Rinse mouth three times with warm water. Infants: Allow infant to drink room temperature water from a bottle before sampling. Do notuse mouthwash or toothpaste.How to make your DNA sampling kit

1. You will require 4 sterile cotton-tippped swabs/oral buccal swabs for each participant. These can be purchased from a pharmacy. If the swab has 2 cotton ends be sure to cut one of them off before starting the sample collection procedure. It is important to avoid touching the cotton end with your fingers.

2. You will also require paper envelopes to place the cotton swabs in after samples have been collected (one envelope for each participant).

Sample Collection Instructions

Step 1: Prepare an envelope for each participant, clearly writing the following details on the outside:

  •  Your case reference code – this will be provided to you at time of order by our customer support team. Contact us to request yours.
  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Relationship: e.g. Alleged father, child etc.

Step 2: Using clean swabs, rub the cotton end of the swab along the inside of your cheek, against the gums and behind your lips as well. Do this for 10 seconds per person. Remember you are collecting loose cheek cells and not just saliva, so rub right against the inside of the cheek. Do this with 4 swabs per person.

Step 3: Allow the swabs a MINIMUM of 1 hour to dry. Place the swab somewhere clean, ensuring that the end of the swab is not touching anything else (for e.g. standing upright in a glass with cotton-end in the air). When dry place the swabs into the paper envelope. Do NOT touch the end of the swab at anytime; not even to check if it is dry. Do NOT lick the envelope to close. We suggest you collect samples for different participants separately at different times to avoid any risk of contamination or mix-up.
Step 4:Place the paper envelopes with the swabs inside into one larger envelope along with your signed submission form and send back to EasyDNA for processing. Please remember to affix enough postage and use a secure service such as courier or registered mail.

Where do I send my samples to?

Samples and submission form must be sent to:

Wedgefield Office Park, Block A
17 Muswell Road South
Bryanston, Johannesburg
2021 South Africa


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