Why use a DNA profile?

Following the death of a person, individuals may turn up claiming to be related to the deceased; by virtue of their alleged relationship they could also be entitled to a share on the inheritance. If available, the DNA profile of the deceased can be compared with that of the alleged relative to confirm whether he or she is in fact related. A DNA profile can help avoid the need to disinter the body of the deceased to carry out a DNA test.

Your DNA profile is an identification record that cannot be disputed or contested. It has even saved lives and helped criminal investigations in cases of kidnappings or accidents in which identification is required.

Using a system of DNA replication, we are able to extract a 21 marker profile. This will be uniquely your genetic blueprint. No one else can scientifically claim to have your same DNA profile.

Every individual has a unique DNA profile, this is rule in genetics that cannot be contested. The sole exception is of course, monozygotic twins who will have identical genetic blue prints.

This service can be used by a wide range of individuals or organizations including:

  • Owners of sizeable assets.
  • Legal offices and people in the legal field as a means of safeguarding the interests of their clients, especially post-mortem.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Corporate Executives and Directors.
  • People who work in jobs considered to be high risk; firefighters, military occupations, jobs that require handling of toxic and hazardous substances.

DNA profiles are only analysed in ISO17025 accredited partner laboratory. We use a 21 genetic marker identification system and the laboratories carrying out your test display the highest standards and technology to carry out these tests; our DNA tests follow the very same laboratory analysis as is used in forensic science and for human identification. We offer results in only 5-7 business days from the moment the laboratory receives the samples.

We suggest you return samples by courier directly to the laboratory because the local postal system has proved unreliable and we cannot be responsible for samples that do not reach us.

You can view our 21 genetic loci analysis by viewing our sample DNA test results presented in this section.

EasyDNA offers different types of DNA profiling services:

Home use/peace of mind

This sample collection for this test is carried out at home by the test participants themselves. We will send a home sampling kit and you can simply collect the samples following the instructions inside our kit. You can then send us back the samples for analysis in our laboratories.

The cost of the informative profile is R2395 for one person.

Legal/judicial cases

We offer DNA profiling services for legal and judicial purposes. This type of profile is the right one to chose if you need to make sure of its validity as a legal document. You may, for example, wish to have the result stored along with your will. The way a legal profile test is organised is very different to a home test. The DNA samples are collected following a different procedure and the entire protocol to follow is considerably different. This is because in order to have legally valid results, the sample collection needs to have followed a very strict process and method for documentation of the DNA samples. We do suggest contacting us for a full update on the procedure to follow.

Once the sample is processed, EasyDNA will issue a notarized copy of the result which can be stored in a secure location or deposited with your legal advisor.

The cost of the legal genetic profile is R3445 for one person.

Verifying DNA profiles with EasyDNA

Have you done a DNA test with another DNA testing company? Would you like us to compare the DNA test result carried out by EasyDNA with the DNA profile you have from another DNA testing company? This is sometims done when clients are anxious to confirm that the correct profiles have been tested and that there have been no errors or trials ar cheating when samples were initially submitted for the test.

To be able to provide this service we will need a copy of the actual result you received. We can in this was see whether the same genetic alleles are tested. Once we have confirmed this, we can proceed to checking whether the profiles belong to the same people.

For more information on any of the above DNA profiling services or our DNA paternity testing services click here or email us at [email protected].


Ordering a DNA Profile does NOT provide any other information related to areas such as health and ancestry. If you want this type of test please see our complete list of DNA tests page.

Do you seek to confirm or remove suspicions of Drug use?

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