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Your result will display:

  • Personal details and information about the ethnicity of the test participants
  • The intepretation of the result
  • The percentage probability of paternity
  • A table showing the genetic markers (or genetic loci) analysed

Here are two samples of reports. Both reports exemplified below show the results of a paternity test carried out without the mother’s sample. This is how we carry out the vast majority of our paternity tests, referring to such tests as “motherless”.

Sample Results

  • Click Here to view an inclusion paternity testing result without the mother’s sample.
  • Click Here to view an exclusion paternity testing result with the mother’s sample

Our paternity test results are extremely accurate even without testing the mother’s sample. We always advise sending in her sample if she is available for the test. The samples you see above are paternity test results. If you are doing a relationship test, such as a sibling test, an X chromosome test, A Y chromosome test or a range of other types of tests, you can expect different results. Contact us for more information about results for other types of DNA tests we provide.

You should note the following:

  • Paternity Inclusion: this is the term we use when the alleged father is confirmed as being the biological father of the child following our laboratory analysis.
  • Paternity Exclusion: this is the term we use when the alleged father is confirmed as not being the biological father of the child following our laboratory analysis.

Forensic samples

We carry out many tests with forensic samples. Depending on the type of sample used we can offer a different probability of successful DNA profile extraction. Once we have extracted the 21 genetic marker profile from all samples provided for the test, can proceed to compare the samples to see the number of shared genetic markers. It is important to keep in mind that tests performed with discrete samples such as cigarette ends, used tissues or kleenexes or blood stains have no effect on the accuracy of the final result. In other words, the accuracy of a DNA test result is entirely independent of the type of sample used

Interested in an electropherogram or DNA Art?

An electropherogram is a graphical depiction of your DNA profile generated by the laboratories from your very unique genetic makeup.The boundaries of art have been surpassed and DNA and art have merged together in a new, contemporary style of artistic expression


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