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Non invasive baby gender prediction tests can help you scientifically determine the sex of your unborn child. Baby gender prediction tests are the easiest and most accurate way of determining the sex of the unborn child in the early stages of pregnancy. It is normal be curious as to what the sex of your child might be when you find out that you are pregnant. Some parents enjoy the wait but others want to know the sex of the child as early as possible. It is possible to know the gender of your child by testing a small blood sample from the mother. However, there is a a more avant-garde and current sampling collection procedure which does not require any blood or finger pricks – In fact it is now possible to carry out gender testing with urine.

This test is possible because the maternal Urine will contain genetic material from the unborn child which finds its way into the mother’s urine as the filtration process takes place in the kidneys.

How is the Baby Prediction Test Carried Out?

In most cases a DNA test kit will be sent to the people interested in the test. Inside the kit for thebaby gender test there is the necessary to collect the urine sample, typically a urine specimen cup and a special urine preservative to preserve the sample. Sample collection for baby gender testing is quite simple and is in fact very much like providing a urine sample for any of a range of medical tests you might have done. The kit will also contain a form which you will need to fill in carefully. The form essentially requires that test participants give some personal details such as your name and surname as well as your consent for the gender test.

Boy or Girl? How do Scientists know the baby gender from Urine?

An unborn child will naturally shed some cells and these fetal cells will find their way into the mother’s urine. A small urine sample from the mother will thus contain cells from both her and from her unborn baby boy or baby girl (In the case of non identical or dizygotic twins, she could be expecting one of each but the test will be inconclusive in such cases). A small sample of urine taken via can inform scientists about the sex of the child. If the sample contains any Y chromosomes then the mother must be expecting a male baby. The absence of a Y chromosome indicates a girl.

A word of advice: there are many myths and old wives’s tales for baby gender but these are far from reliable.

Urine testing for gender prediction is quite a recent advance in the field of gender testing. Please note that this is an actual DNA test. The urine sample will need to be sent to the laboratory for analysis by scientists.

Be Careful with some Urine Gender Tests

There are urine gender predictor tests being marketed which can be done at home; the kit can be bought in pharmacies. Once you get home, you collect your sample and wait for the results a few minutes later. The sex will be indicated by a change of colour in the urine solution. These types of urine tests for baby gender prediction are not DNA tests and they have not been scientifically validated.


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