Getting the DNA deciphered through various types of DNA tests is now common among humans. However, over the past few years, DNA testing has also become a popular method to understand our canine friends better. As much as we would like to believe that we know our pooch entirely, we don’t, and this is where dog DNA testing can help.

The development of several different Dog DNA tests has created a way to understand dogs better. In some cases, these tests have transformed dogs’ lives and their relationship with their owners. With these tests becoming easy to access, affordable and pain-free to use, more than 10 million dogs have been tested in the last ten years.

In case you are wondering what these tests can reveal about your canine friend, buckle-up and get ready to explore what affects your dog’s manner of living!

Dog Breed DNA Test – Discover the Breed Mix

Every mutt lover wants to know the exact breed of their dog. Well, with a Dog Breed Ancestry test, you can now discern the breed composition of your dog through the analysis of their genetic makeup. So, if someone asks you about your mutt’s breed, you can answer resolutely. As you discover the most prevalent breed in your dog’s DNA, the test also helps you determine other aspects of your dog’s well being. One can learn about the personality traits, behavioural patterns, exercise routines and much more.

Dog Inherited Disease Test – Predisposition to Inherited Disease

Like human beings, dogs can also suffer from inherited diseases. It usually happens due to dysfunction of one or more genes from parents to their offspring. As a responsible dog owner, it becomes necessary to know if your dog is suffering from or is susceptible to any disease in the future. The sooner you diagnose the disease, the better. With one simple DNA Inherited disease test, you can learn what diseases your dog is prone to and if it can pass it to the offspring. Once you are aware of it, you can maintain the health of your dog with a personalised care program.

Dog Parentage Test – Identify the Rightful Parents

Popular among the breeders is the Dog parentage test. If you are doubtful that the puppy is of registered dam and sire, the Parentage DNA test can provide you with reliable answers. Through one cotton swab, the test can ascertain the parentage of the dog. If you like keeping a breeding record or need it for business purposes, this test can be the handy tool for you. You can easily carry out the test on a little puppy or a full grown-up dog. Also, it can be performed without the mother. All you need to do is collect the dog’s mouth sample on a cotton swab.

Dog Allergy Test – Cause of an Allergic Reaction

Doesn’t it make you helpless when you see your dog in discomfort, and you don’t know what’s causing it? Symptoms like runny eyes, itching, vomiting, etc. can be a result of an allergic reaction. Just regulating the diet won’t alleviate the reaction. Allergens can be anything present in the environment. The best way to tend an allergy is to know and avoid contact with the allergen. With Allergy testing, it is now easier to discover the allergens affecting your pooch’s health. After discovering the allergen/allergens, you can take the appropriate mitigation strategies to avoid further discomfort.

Dog Genetic Age Test – Determine the Biological Age

The chronological age of a dog is different from its biological age. Chronological age represents the bonafide birthday of the dog, whereas the biological age determines how well your body is coping with the rigours of life. Do you know how old your canine is, genetically? Genetic age plays a vital role when it comes to the health of your dog. Just like human beings, dogs have different stages in life. With a Genetic Age test for Dogs, you can find out the biological age of your dog, and hence, can take better control of their ageing process.

Uncover Hidden Traits

It’s a wonder what you can learn about your dog through these DNA tests. When dogs become family, their well being becomes a significant concern and uncovering some of their hidden traits can be both useful and fun! These tests allow you to understand their genetic background and take action accordingly, ultimately providing them with a better and healthier life. Through these DNA tests, you get a thorough tour of your dog’s health.

The development of dog DNA tests has to date assisted thousands of dog owners in understanding their precious pets better, and as science continues to progress, we expect more tests to be developed. These tests are easily available at relatively affordable prices. One can, therefore, only speculate what else we will be able to find out from our dog’s DNA in future!

Unveil the hidden traits of your dog. Discover the list of Dog DNA kits we offer!

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