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Paternity fraud is a very real problem. It is a crime that involves misidentifying a man — whether intentionally or unintentionally — as the father of a child. This is probably the most common reason why men take paternity tests.

Thanks to home DNA testing kits, it is now a lot easier to establish paternity. Although some would be worried about how taking one might affect the family, sometimes, it is better to just go through the test and remove (or confirm) all doubts once and for all.

Then again, paternity fraud is not the only reason why a man should take a test. Here are more reasons why men should take a DNA paternity test and establish legal paternity rights.

1. It will establish your child as your legal beneficiary.

Although naming a child as the beneficiary is a given for most, sometimes, it is necessary to establish legal proof of paternity or biological relationship to ensure that your child receives the most amount of benefits they can get.

Proof of paternity is necessary for your child to become a legal beneficiary of your inheritance, your life insurance, and even your government benefits. This will prevent any unnecessary stress created by proving or disproving a potentially unknown heir’s claims.

To establish legally admissible proof of paternity, you must take a legal paternity test witnessed by an impartial third party. It also requires a standard procedure that ensures no fraud is ever committed during the testing. Thankfully, taking a legal DNA paternity test is easier than it sounds if you get the services of a reputable company.

2. It will help build a child’s accurate medical history.

While lifestyle and environment are two very important factors to evaluate an individual’s health, genetics also plays a crucial role to establish their medical history. Sometimes, a child may have inherited genes that put them at risk of getting some diseases, and a DNA paternity test will help identify what health conditions are present in the bloodline.

These health conditions include common diseases such as autoimmune disorders, psychiatric illnesses, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. By knowing exactly what kind of diseases a child is susceptible to having, the family will be able to come up with an accurate health and/or treatment plan.

3. It preserves the bond between you and your child.

In the unlikely event that you won’t be able to raise your own child, a piece of document establishing you as their biological father would mean a lot for them. You see, everyone has a need to know their own identity and heritage, which explains the popularity of DNA ancestry tests. Even if the child gets adopted by a loving family, they will always feel the need to look for their own biological family.

If ever your child gets separated from you for whatever reason, if you have established yourself to be their father, they will know where to go to look for their biological family. Even in your absence, your child will always know who they are at the very core.

Aside from the ones listed here, there are more good reasons why a man should take a DNA paternity test. In fact, you may even have your own reasons not similar to other people’s. And that’s okay. If you ever feel the pull of taking a paternity test, remember to approach a reputable testing company and be assured of accurate results.

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