Soweto Paternity Testing | EasyDNA South Africa

easyDNA provides professional and reliable DNA paternity testing in Soweto as well as all other towns and cities in South Africa.

Soweto is actually part of Johannesburg. The name is a kind of abbreviation of syllables which form the first syllable of the following three words: South Western Townships. The city is known for the uprising which took place in June, 1976. The uprising was due to the government choosing to have the language of instruction in school to be Afrikaans rather than English. The population of this urban suburb is of 1.3m people. The city has developed a rather new and growing wine industry and has in fact a yearly wine festival. This suburb of Jo’Burg is considered to be on the poorest although there are some rich areas. The population of the Soweto are is around 1.3 million.

easyDNA can provide a whole range of DNA tests across South Africa. The tests offered include infidelity DNA testing and paternity testing for both “peace of mind” or legal purposes. easyDNA has offices in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

For more information on DNA paternity testing in Soweto you may contact us directly or visit our page on paternity analysis


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