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DNA testing services in South Africa. Only R1995.

Over 300000 DNA Tests performed for complete peace of mind.   Order your Test directly from our office. Contact us today!

DNA Testing Now Available in South Africa

A DNA test is the most accurate method available to confirm a biological relationship. At easyDNA South Africa we provide you with a wide range of DNA tests, including Paternity Testing, that you can rely on. All our DNA testing is performed by an internationally accredited laboratory through state-of-the-art genetic identification systems using 16 different genetic markers for your complete peace of mind.

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Operating across South Africa with three branches located in Cape Town and Johannesburg , we offer you a paternity test that has accuracy levels in excess of 99.99%+. Once your order is received a DNA testing kit will be sent to your address by courier. Kits can be sent to any place in South Africa including Cape Town, Durban, Joburg, Pretoria and Soweto. Alternatively you can collect your kit directly from one of our offices, however in this case we will require you to advise us in advance of your arrival to organise everything. Once we receive your samples at the laboratory, the DNA test results will be sent to you via email within 5-7 working days. The results will confirm if the Alleged Father is the biological father of the child or not. If they are not the father they will be 100% excluded.

Our accredited paternity test for the Child and alleged Father is priced from only: R 1995.00.This price is inclusive of the paternity test kit, the analysis of the samples and the DNA test report confirming the result. We also offer a highly accurate non-invasive prenatal paternity test.

easyDNA can also offer testing when members of the immediate family are unavailable or unwilling to participate in a paternity test. We offer a wide range of DNA Relationship Tests including testing between Siblings Aunts/Uncles and Grandparents. The most common test is the DNA Siblings test which is used to confirm if two siblings are biologically related or not.

We also offer DNA Art services - get your unique genetic profile made into a colourful art piece! DNA picture art is offered in a variety of different colours and formats, Click Here to learn more.

If you are not able to obtain your samples through the kit we provide, then our tests can also be performed through other samples such as hair, items of clothing and cigarette butts. You can visit our DNA Forensic Testing section for more details.

How to process your order

Step 1: Review the information contained within the website and the select the test you require, from our extensive list of tests. If you require any assistance prior to selecting your test contact our technical staff for advice. You can choose from the following categories: Paternity Test, Relationship DNA Test, DNA ProfilesTwin DNA Test, Ancestry Test, Genetic Predisposition Test and offers Baby Gender Prediction Testing.

Step 2: You can order your test from the following link by credit card : Order Test. Select the test that you require. Visit the Payment Options page for alternative payment options.

Step 3: Once we confirm your order, a testing kit will be sent to you. This kit will contain all you need to take the sample. Full instructions are included. Visit this page to see online how to collect your DNA samples. For a Legal DNA Test a different sample collection procedure and testing kit is required. We suggest you contact us prior to ordering this test.

Step 4: Once the samples are collected, you will need to send them back to us in the self-addressed envelope provided with your kit. Make sure you include the the submission forms correctly filled in.

Step 5: Your samples will be processed once they are received at the lab. Results will be emailed to you within 5-7 working days. You can view a sample DNA paternity test result on our website.

Selecting your Paternity Testing Provider

Experience in DNA testing is an important aspect when deciding on the company to handle your testing requirements. easyDNA has over seven years’ experience in the industry and has handled thousands of samples over the years. We therefore have the technical expertise to provide you with support throughout the whole of the process. Our customer support team is backed by experienced scientific support.

Accreditation is another very important aspect to consider before you order your DNA test. All testing at easyDNA is performed by an ISO17025 accredited laboratory for your complete peace of mind. In addition, all testing is performed on sixteen genetic loci to ensure the required level of accuracy in your test result.

...If you require more information visit our DNA testing tips page.

easyDNA South Africa operates through our administration offices in Johannesburg, South Africa. We are an international DNA testing company providing reliable, accurate and confidential paternity testing to both the private and public sector all over the world.

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