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DNA testing tips on selecting your provider

DNA Testing Tips On Selecting Your Provider

When selecting your DNA testing provider, there are clearly a number of companies to choose from. Apart from the issue of price we also recommend that you consider the experience of your provider as well as whether they are offering internationally accredited testing or not.

Experience & support you can bank on

There are many DNA testing companies out there, some more competent than others at what they do. Make sure which every company you pick carries out your test in an accredited DNA testing laboratory. easyDNA not only works with only accredited DNA testing laboratories boasting both AABB and ISO 17025 accreditations, but the company also has over 9 years of experience in the industry. 

easyDNA is a a global company operating in every country and providing its DNA tests to every corner of the globe. With over 25 offices we have serviced hundreds of thousands of customers and have become a global brand in the sector which is synonymous with reliability and scientific accuracy.

Is the testing accredited?

An accredited laboratory is crucial to your DNA test results. ISO for example, stipulates certain rules and regulations which ensure that any DNA testing laboratory is fully competent in what it does. It is one of the most important, if not the most important, quality management systems on the globe. Our testing is performed by a laboratory that has the highest level of international accreditation. Getting this accreditation is not simply a one off thing. Once accredited, laboratories will get audited on a regular basis to ensure full compliance.  Do NOT be fooled if a lab says they are ISO accredited with ISO 9001, this means they are ISO 9001 certified and not accredited, meaning that no assessment has been made of the technical competence and quality assurance.

For more information about our laboratory click here.

How accurate is the test?

All our tests are tested on 16 genetic markers. Make sure the DNA company you select is offering you the highest quality form of testing and is not testing anything less. We offer you only premium DNA testing. We do not cut corners like other labs and offer economy tests, we only believe in the highest standard that is befitting to our laboratory's accreditation status.

In addition, all testing is performed under stringent testing procedures which ensure that our results are highly accurate. We will consider a paternity test conclusive only if we can achieve a 100% exclusion that the alleged Father is not the Father or with a inclusion in the region of 99.99%+ depending on ethnicity statistics and whether the mother participates or not in the test.

Is it easy to collect the samples?

Once out client has placed their order, we prepare and post their kit. Normally the processing time is of 24 hours; as soon as we send out you kit we will send out an email informing you that your kit has been sent out. We can send a kit to any address. The fact it is entirely anonymous and arrives in a plain envelope means you can have your mind at rest that no one will know about its contents.

The contents of your  kit include sterile oral mouth swabs for the DNA sample collection and an envelope for returning your samples. It is a very easy process!

Private & confidential

We guarantee that your results will be private and confidential. We issue results via email or by postal mail in a plain unmarked envelope. At NO time will we give results over the phone as we have no guarantee who we are really speaking to. Only if we have agreed in advance with the client will we release results by phone and only after having gone through an extensive identification process.

I have decided to order ... what do i do next?

We suggest that you contact us to discuss your case in more detail.

Alternatively you can proceed directly to order the test online >>> Order Here

For more information about our DNA testing for father child relationship or other DNA tests, visit our frequently questions section.

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