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Prenatal Prenatal Testing by easyDNA South Africa

Prenatal Paternity Test in South Africa

Through recent scientific advances it is now possible to have a prenatal paternity test done using a non-invasive and risk-free procedure in South Africa. Using the very latest research and technology, this highly accurate pregnancy test can establish paternity with a precision of over 99.9%*.

Unfortunately conventional sampling methods during pregnancy such as amniocentesis carry certain risks. Why jeopardize the health of the mother and baby? easyDNA’s prenatal test is completely risk free.

This paternity test, which can be carried out after only 10 weeks of pregnancy, is performed using simply a blood draw sample from the pregnant mother and alleged father.

What is the price of the paternity test before birth?

The cost of our non-invasive prenatal test in South Africa is R13,990 for one alleged father and mother. Should it be required, we can also test the second father for a minimal fee. Please visit our order page and price list for full details.

How early in the pregnancy can the test be done?

You can carry out our test as early as the 10th week of pregnancy with results ready in just 5-7 working days from the time your samples are delivered to the laboratory. It is important that the test be carried out after the 10th week of pregnancy to ensure adequate levels of fetal DNA in the mother’s bloodstream. To find out how far along into your pregnancy you are, refer to our pregnancy calculator.

Advantages of our Prenatal Paternity test – Why choose easyDNA?

Choose easyDNA as your experienced DNA testing service provider to ensure that your blood samples can be sent back to the laboratory for testing without any problems or obstacles. You will benefit from our pre-paid courier service to return your samples directly back to the lab in. Our courier account has special permission in place to handle and transport blood; without this extra service it is extremely difficult to find a courier company that can collect and transport your blood samples.

This test is ABSOLUTELY SAFE. We analyze the cell free fetal DNA found in the mother's blood sample via a simple blood-draw. Current paternity testing sample collection methods while pregnant such as amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling (CVS) are invasive and carry the risk of miscarriage or of harming the unborn child. Other complications include possible cramping, vaginal bleeding, and leaking amniotic fluid.

The prenatal paternity test we offer is cheaper, less time consuming and easier to carry out than other procedures. The medical costs of performing invasive sample collections like amniocentesis or CVS can be relatively high and there are often other fees to consider such as hospital, clinic and specialist fees. Our test does not require assistance of specialist OBGYN. Amniocentesis and CVS are medical interventions and require assistance of an OBGYN.

How to Order your DNA Test

Ordering your test is easy! Payment can be made by card using our secure online system, click here to order. Your kit will be specifically prepared and dispatched by courier upon confirmation of your request. easyDNA operates through 2 branches located in Johannesburg and Cape Town and can provide services anywhere in South Africa including the cities of Soweto, Port Elizabeth and Pretoria.

How can a Paternity test be done while being pregnant?

The presence of fetal DNA in the maternal blood during pregnancy is not a recent discovery. Through extensive research and new scientific developments using the latest technology, we are now able to isolate the cell-free fetal DNA from the mother’s blood. The NIPP (Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity) testing is performed using NSG (Next Generation Sequencing) technology.  We examine 2,688 SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) in order to make a determination of paternity. Our test is the most accurate non-invasive pregnancy test for paternity, available worldwide!!

The only time we cannot conduct the test is if the Mother is expecting twins or if the alleged Fathers are close blood relatives.

(*if the probability that the alleged father’s DNA contains the genetic markers required of the biological father is greater than 99.9% when compared to random individuals, paternity is concluded. If the alleged father matches no better than an unrelated individual, paternity is excluded).

To understand more about how the test works, visit the section on The Science behind the Prenatal Test.

Should you wish to talk to us about your prenatal paternity test in South Africa then you can request a free call or contact us directly.

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