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Sibling DNA Testing Services by easyDNA South Africa

Sibling DNA testing is recommended when siblings want to establish their biological relationship to one common parent. Depending on the type of sibling test, we may require the DNA sample of a known parent. With a sibling test we will biologically confirm whether siblings are uterine siblings (meaning they share a common mother but have different fathers); or agnate siblings (meaning they have the same biological father) but different mothers. Finally, we can also establish full siblingship whereby siblings share both biological parents.

In cases where siblings are male

Are the test participants males? Do they need to establish whether you have the same father or paternal line? In such instances, easyDNA offers Y chromosome testing. This test is highly accurate and results are ready in 5-7 working days. This test is extremely accurate. Male siblings that share the same father will also have the same Y chromosome profile. If females wish to establish whether they have a common paternal line they can ask a direct male blood relative to take a Y chromosome test on their behalf. Testing starts from ZAR3295 for testing 2 individuals. Proceed to order your Y chromosome test here.

In cases where siblings are female

Are test participants females? Do they wish to establish whether they have the same father? Do they have different mothers or the same biological mother? If test participants are female and their scope is to find out if they have the same biological father, easyDNA suggests an X chromosome test. It is important to keep in mind that with X chromosome testing, the sample of the mother will be required in cases where the tests females have the same mother. The test is essentially only reliable if the females tested have different mothers. Proceed to order X chromosome test here.

Sibling DNA testing: testing between brothers and sisters

If both male and female siblings need to take part in the same test, we suggest a full sibling STR test. Testing starts from ZAR3295 for testing 2 individuals.

This DNA test will establish whether you have a common biological parent and is carried out between two or more individuals. Sibling testing is recommended when the people taking part in the test are male and female.

What we seek to establish in a test between brother and sister

  • Do the individuals tested share both their biological mother and father
  • Just one biological parent in common
  • No common biological parents

The result will enable inferences about the most likely relationship between the two siblings – for example, X and Y are more likely to be half siblings than full siblings.

A full siblings test is recommended when the individuals taking part in the test are male and female. A sibling test determines the amount of common DNA between the people tested. It is a test that relies on a statistical probability. Unlike a paternity test, however, sibling tests do not need to have genetic profiles that match at every genetic marker. A sibling test simply seeks to determine whether the individuals tested share one common parent, both common parents or have neither their mother or father in common. In a sibling ship test, we calculate siblingship index.  If the siblingship index is less than 1.00, this indicates non-relatedness. If the siblingship index is greater than 1.00, this indicates that the two tested individuals are more likely to be true full sibling or half siblings. Order here.

Twin siblings: Are they monozygotic or dizygotic?

Twins can be either monozygotic or dizygotic. The best way to find out whether twins are identical or fraternal is by doing a twin zygosity test. Twin siblings that are monozygotic will have the same DNA profile whilst twin siblings that are dizygotic will have different DNA profiles.

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