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easyDNA ZA now offers personal DNA art profiles

Personalised DNA Art - Crafted from your genetic DNA profile

Personal DNA art is now available in the South Africa! Each one of us has a special genetic code that makes us diverse. Using the latest DNA testing methods it is now possible to create an artistic image using your genetic pattern. You no longer need artistic ability to create your own original masterpiece!

Starting from as little as ZAR1,800 we offer a wide range of options ranging from a personalised iGel image to representations of your personal profile on canvas or acrylic.

How is DNA art made?

Using a simple mouth swab sample your DNA is analyzed in the laboratory using PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technique. The amplified DNA is then inserted into a gel matrix ready for the electrophoresis stage. By passing an electrical current through the gel the negatively charged DNA travels towards the positive electrode on the opposite end. The final result is the pattern you see in your DNA artwork.

Are you looking for the perfect gift?

Stuck for ideas for the right present? Look no further for the ultimate gift – a picture of your friend's or loved one's own DNA interpreted into artwork. No matter what the occasion, give an original gift that will be appreciated for years ahead and above all is totally unique!

The definitive artwork that is truly YOU

Your own personalised DNA picture art can be used in a variety of different ways. Whether you want to use your image as your facebook profile picture, edit it, or simply prefer to have a framed art piece hanging on your wall, easyDNA offers you a tailored solution.

Choose the one that best suits you from the following options:

Whichever medium you prefer, you can proceed to order your genetic art image today by choosing one of the above options. If you have any queries you would like to ask first, contact us now or request a free call back. One of our experienced representatives will guide you through the next steps to order. With over 8 years in the field of DNA testing and with three offices in South Africa, we guarantee an excellent standard of quality and service for your DNA art.

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