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Discovering if it’s a Boy or Girl

Baby girl or boy? Get your baby gender test today. Knowing the sex of your unborn child is helpful during the planning and preparation stages before the birth.  The most popular way to guess the sex while pregnant is by completing gender prediction quizzes based on Old Wives’ Tales, the Chinese calendar conception chart or even the cabbage test! Unlike our DNA test, these gender myths cannot determine foetal sex as they have no scientific basis.

Real client testimonial:

“Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve just had the results of my amnio and the blood test from Nimble Diagnostics was wrong, but your results were right and it is a girl. Many thanks.”  S.H.,  21st October 2013

Why choose our baby  gender test?

  • DNA is extremely reliable. Don’t risk getting a wrong result by purchasing a cheaper hormone-based DIY kit that provides instant results.
  • You can proceed with the analysis from as the 9th week of pregnancy
  • You will collect your blood sample by simply pricking the tip of your finger

To calculate any dates related to your pregnancy, you may use our pregnancy calculator.

 How can you tell if it’s a boy or girl so early in the pregnancy?

 The laboratory analysis is based on the advanced extraction of foetal DNA from blood through a new isolation technique. The foetal DNA is then analysed for the presence of Y male chromosomes. If the male Y chromosome is detected then get ready for it: You will have a baby boy. If our analysis does not detect any Y chromosomes, that the fetus is female and you will have a baby girl.

We can guarantee our baby gender test is 95%* accurate so as long as you adhere to our precautions. You will find these inside your kit.

Important: Our baby gender test is a great way of discovering the sex of your baby. When it comes to baby gender, our test is more accurate and can be carried out far earlier than ultrasonography. We do however wish to stress the importance of ultrasounds as part of your prenatal care provision. Should you have any queries, consult your GP.

*Our test is 95% accurate at 9 weeks. The lab has a quality assurance program that continuously monitors the quality of our methods and reagents and the accuracy of our results. There is a 5% error rate that is attributed to the home nature of the test and user error such as taking the test too early or not providing enough blood sample.

Give yourself the peace of mind and your baby the kind of preparation that only time allows. Use Pink or Blue®, the earliest and most accurate method of prenatal gender detection.

Please understand that Company Policy is that the results of the Pink or Blue® test are aimed at being used for curiosity, bonding and preparation for the new born baby. The results are not to be used for the purpose of gender selection.

Standard results will be received in 8 working days. Please note turnaround time starts from the moment samples reach our laboratory.

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